About 123 COLO

Your website will be hosted in a Tier III data facility in Bangladesh. We provide the features and service you deserve, from Personal to Enterprise!

About us

Our company boasts a 99.9% uptime and a customer care staff that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Currently, we proudly serve more than 30 nations worldwide. You may rely on us to provide ongoing dependable web hosting as a quickly growing and reputable company. Our highly automated system and 300+ auto scripts will have your website up and running in no time!

We provide excellent hardware-based Virtual Private Server solutions. Our major goal is to provide enterprise-level solutions at a reasonable cost. If you're thinking about switching from another server to us and are having trouble transferring all of your data, don't worry; we'll do it for you for free! All you have to do now is sit back, relax, and wait for our professionals to complete the necessary transfers . All of our customers are important to us.


Our mission is simple: to mix creativity with cutting-edge technological research and development. We are a customer-focused firm that prioritizes acquiring and maintaining the confidence of each and every one of our clients. As a result, we listen to our clients, remain on top of the newest technological developments, and produce better web hosting products and services on a daily basis, allowing us to better realize this mission.


Our goal is straightforward. To provide web hosting services that are trouble-free, customer-focused, dependable, and cheap. We just want to keep running a lucrative web hosting company that delights its consumers. We've backed up our rock-solid hosting solutions and top-notch infrastructure with the greatest customer service and technical support since the beginning. A prevalent misconception about the technology profession is that it is all about machines. While this is true, Host Pair also understands that it needs good people to run a well-oiled machine. Yes, a successful company must be dedicated to client solutions, innovation, creativity, and a friendly, caring approach toward all of our clients' business requirements. We don't only offer help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We genuinely listen and care about what you have to say.