We guarantee that our Bangladesh data center network and power will be functioning 99.9% of the time on any given month, with the following exceptions:

Here are some common guarantees in the industry today and the actual amount of downtime per month involved.

99.5% uptime = 216 minutes of downtime in a month

99.8% uptime = 86.4 minutes of downtime in a month

99.9% uptime = 43.2 minutes of downtime in a month

99.99% uptime = 4.32 minutes of downtime in a month

99.999% uptime = 0.432 minutes (26 seconds) in a month

SLA Credit Table

If we fail to meet the guarantee stated above you can claim a credit of the following value:

Downtime (minutes) Credit
80 5%
120 10%
180 15%
240 20%
300 25%
360 30%
420 35%
480 40%
540 45%
600 50%
720 65%
1440 100%

SLA credit applies to the monthly value of your subscribed plan/service even though you are in different billing terms. If you are not subscribed in monthly billing terms that month value will be calculated from your billing terms.

How to claim SLA credit

In the unlikely event that you’ve been affected by downtime, you can claim your SLA credit by opening a support ticket within one day (24 hrs) of the outage. Our administrative team will check the ticket and cross-check your report against our monitoring system.

Once we’ve verified the outage, we’ll issue an SLA as a credit note on your account to be used against future invoices with a maximum processing time of seven days. You can speed up the verification process by including a full description of the outage along with your contact details, your hosting plan, your IP address and any logs that might be applicable. SLA credits are not convertible into cash or any other form.

Update date: June 1, 2022